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About Us

AAARNA (pronounced as “AAR, N, A”) We are India’s first mRNA Therapeutics and mRNA manufacturing company. We are developing India’s first in class, mRNA-based therapeutics for human diseases! Our expert team specializes in developing broad-spectrum therapeutics against a host of infectious diseases as well as non-infectious diseases.


To realize India’s “Aatma-nirbhar Bharat” mission we provide world-class, research use mRNA for therapeutic, vaccine, diagnostic and agricultural applications. We also have a huge catalog of mRNA synthesis enzymes and reagents. We also provide consultations in mRNA designs and manufacturing.


AAARNA is founded with a mission to bring world-class yet affordable mRNA-based therapeutics to our billion people. We take pride in bringing this technology with an aim to “Invent in India and Make in India”. We are founded by scientists with years of expertise in mRNA-based vaccine from US, with a mission to democratize mRNA access to all. 

Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO : Dr. Pooja M. Tiwari

Dr. Pooja M. Tiwari is an mRNA therapeutics, infectious disease and vaccine expert with more than 13 years of experience. She has research publications in top journals such as Nature Biotechnology, Nature Communications and many more! She brings to the team a holistic view of mRNA design, manufacturing, analytics and infectious diseases. Her research expertise includes viral infectious diseases including Respiratory syncytial virus, Influenza, HIV, mRNA based therapeutics and vaccines, DNA and protein vaccines, nanobiotechnology, and many more. 

Learn more about her research here


Dr. Sowjanya E. Research Associate

I am a Research Associate at AAARNA Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. I got trained in Chemistry during my Integrated M.Sc. at Pondicherry University. My research interest was complemented by DST-INSPIRE-SHE and IAS-SRF fellowship programmes. Consequently, I moved for a graduate programme at NCBS. It was followed by a collaborative research experience in biomaterials, molecular therapeutics and preclinical models at inStem and IIT-Kanpur. This led to the quest for transferring my skills to a research based company. Being the first mRNA therapeutics company in India built by a passionate team, I find AAARNA Therapeutics a great place to work.




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